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Relaxation for Skeptics

Relaxation for Skeptics is a four week introductory course on rest and relaxation. Participants can also schedule 15 minute one-on-one sessions with Stephanie for individual support and personalized relaxation techniques.


Orienting To The Now

“The great thing is that Relaxation is a physiological state.  You don’t have to like it or “do” it well for it to be helpful.  Just keep going back to it, over and over again, and be kind.” Stephanie Antoine

In this class we will learn why it can be so hard to access our hard- wired ability to relax, and some ways to move through those challenges.


What Is Relaxation?

“Do what works, as long as it doesn’t cause you, or others harm.  Remember that Relaxation happens in the body, not in an app or spa.” Stephanie Antoine

This class explores some of the characteristics of Relaxation, and why we don’t have to like it for it to work well.  We will also practice accessing a relaxed state.


Letting Go & Letting Be

“Things do not have to be pleasant to be going well.” Stephanie Antoine

In Class Three we will explore why relaxation is worth practicing, despite the many challenges to access it.  We will also continue to add to our practice accessing a relaxed state.


Putting It All Together

“We practice practice, not results.” Phillip Moffit

In our final session we will consolidate what we have learned about relaxation and explore the benefits of ongoing practice.

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